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Cultivated Diamonds, also known as Lab-Grown or Synthetic Diamonds, Possess Identical Physical, Chemical, and Optical Characteristics to Diamonds Sourced from Natural Mines. In Essence, They Are Genuine Diamonds.

Utilizing Advanced Technology Known as HPHT and CVD, Laboratories Replicate the Natural Conditions of Temperature and Pressure That Result in Diamond Formation Beneath the Earth's Surface.

As a Result, They Are Unquestionably Authentic Diamonds. Even the Most Discerning Experts Cannot Distinguish Between the Two Types with the Naked Eye.

Produced Using the Same Methods, They Exhibit Equivalent Qualities, as Encapsulated by the Industry's Renowned 4 Cs: Color, Cut, Carat, and Clarity.

In Our Commitment to Providing Exclusively Quality Jewelry, SIRÉLI Selects Each Diamond. This Ensures That Our Customers Are Presented with Nothing Short of the Most Exquisite Diamonds, Boasting a DEF Color Rating and a Clarity Grade of VS or Higher.


Each Synthetic Diamond exceeding 0.5 carats set in a SIRÉLI piece is accompanied by a Certificate issued by the IGI (International Gemological Institute) – an Independent and Authoritative Organization.

For Further Details Regarding IGI, Please Visit Their Website.

International Gemological Institute (IGI)

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