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SIRÉLI Embodies a Fusion of French Chic and Armenian Craftsmanship, a Tribute to the Union of Both Rich Cultural Legacies.

Each SIRÉLI Creation is the Result of a Meticulous Process, Handcrafted in Armenia. The Art of High Jewelry in Armenia Is Deeply Rooted in the Country's History and Culture, with an Age-Old Tradition of Crafting Hand-Made Jewelry. In Armenian Workshops, Generations of Artisans Have Safeguarded and Perfected Precious Crafting Techniques, Resulting in an Unrivaled Excellence that Stands as a Evidence to Their Skill.

We Take Immense Pride in Illuminating the Armenian Jewelry Tradition Through Our Collection, Contributing to the Preservation of This Precious Heritage. Our Close Partnership with Passionate Artisans, Gifted with Extraordinary Talent and Technique, Underscores Our Commitment to Excellence.